Our Lady of Peace Athletics

Our Lady of Peace offers every student from 5th grade through 8th grade the opportunity to learn and enjoy the rewards of sports. The athletic program is an important adjunct to the Catholic academic education provided.

Teamwork and Christian sportsmanship are the key program elements. All students will be allowed to participate and enjoy developing their skills. As the personal level of development and self-esteem are deeply respected and encouraged in the classroom, the same attitude is demanded in athletic competition.

Parents and coaches are responsible for supporting this policy which places participation and teamwork on the same priority level as winning. It is the Athletic Director's responsibility to provide coaches with the tools for solving the many dilemmas of coaching with this philosophy. It is the responsibility of parents to support and trust the coaches' efforts to implement this policy.

Our Athletics Program is designed to develop each child’s physical and emotional well being through positive reinforcement, sportsmanship, discipline and basic Christian values. Participation and enjoyment are the foremost goals. It should be remembered that athletics shall always remain secondary to academics.

Catholic schools provide for the development of the whole child. This includes education/formation in spiritual, mental and physical areas.

Every student-athlete that wishes to play in a sport will be put on a team regardless of skill or experience. Student participation is subject to the OLP Sports Eligibility Policy of academic requirements.

For more information on our sports programs and eligibility policy please contact our Athletic Director by calling the school office at: (630) 325-9220

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As partners in education at Our Lady of Peace Catholic School, God calls us as Parish, School, and Family to be the light of Christ to our students.
By nurturing their Faith, we provide a strong academic foundation anchored in Catholic Spirituality.

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