Frequently Asked Questions


What are OLP’s greatest attributes? The Our Lady of Peace Catholic School community nurtures each child. We encourage each child to become the person God calls him or her to be – nurturing their spiritual growth, providing challenging intellectual opportunities and encouraging each child along the way.

What is the religious environment at OLP? As a Catholic school, our values are central to our school’s curriculum and activities. Religion is taught at every grade level. Children prepare for their First Reconciliation and First Communion in second grade. In eighth grade, students prepare for their Confirmation. All-school Mass is held every Friday and on Holy Days of Obligation. Prayer and reflection start every school day. Special liturgies are held throughout the school year.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend OLP? We welcome children of all faiths and backgrounds to Our Lady of Peace. Our school features of diverse mix of students from a variety of cultural backgrounds and faiths. Although every student must participate in mass, religion classes and sacramental preparation, we support the opportunity to share and learn from each other.

School Life

What is the maximum class size in each classroom? Currently we average between 18-22 students per classroom. We look at opening a second classroom when a class size increases to over 30 students. This decision is one that is discussed with our Parish Finance. .

What is the school’s daily schedule? School starts at 8:15 a.m. with morning prayers. Classes for grades K-8 dismiss at 3:15 p.m.

What is your curriculum? OLP’s curriculum is designed in accordance to Illinois State Standards and assessed using a variety of accredited examinations including the IOWA Test of Basic Skills and DIBELS reading assessment. Our curriculum includes the core subjects of religion, reading, math, language arts, social studies and science. Plus, each child receives weekly instruction in art, music, computers, library skills and physical education.

Do you offer all-day kindergarten? Yes, our all-day kindergarten option is very popular. While this option spans the full school day, the instructional areas do not exceed those of our half-day classes.

Do you offer an extended-care program? Yes, OLP offers both before- and after-school care.

What extracurricular activities do you offer? OLP is proud to offer a variety of clubs and athletic programs. After-school activities include: altar servers, band, choir, scouts, student council, chess club and more. Athletic programs offered at OLP include track and field, volleyball, basketball, football and cheerleading..


Where do your graduates attend high school? OLP grads attend a variety of private and public high schools. Many of our graduates have been placed in honors-level classes upon entering high school.

As partners in education at Our Lady of Peace Catholic School, God calls us as Parish, School, and Family to be the light of Christ to our students.
By nurturing their Faith, we provide a strong academic foundation anchored in Catholic Spirituality.

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