Kindergarten Growth & Development

The Kindergarten year is considered to be one of great growth and development. It is important that each child is introduced to developmentally appropriate activities. Our Lady of Peace's Kindergarten program is structured to help each child grow in self-confidence, socialization, awareness of the world, and respect for others in a Christ-centered environment.

Realizing that parents are the primary educators, the kindergarten program encourages parental involvement. Many opportunities are available for parent participation. Our Lady of Peace is one of the few schools that offers both a half-day and a full day program.


Kindergarten students will learn through the religion textbook, stories, activities, the Bible, prayer, discussion and reflection about their Catholic Faith focusing on traditional common prayers; creation; God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit; going to Mass; and the lives of people in the Bible.

Our Religion text is published by RCL Benziger.

Language Arts & Reading

Kindergarten students use the text Reading Street published by Scott Foresman/Pearson, which is aligned with Common Core State Standards.

Reading fluency will develop and improve as students are presented with the following skills: rhyming; onset and rime; phonemic awareness; blending; sequencing of events; high frequency words; concept of print; comprehension; compare/contrast; and drawing conclusions, just to name a few.

Writing is paralleled with the language arts program as students engage in journal writing, shared writing, phonetic writing and interactive writing.


Kindergarten students use the text My Math published by McGraw-Hill, which is aligned with Common Core State Standards.

Instruction includes hands-on activities to develop concepts. The students are introduced to the following areas of study: counting and cardinality, composing and decomposing numbers to 20, sorting, classifying, graphing; patterns and movement; counting to 100; tens and ones; and exploring shapes, time, money, addition and subtraction.


Children in Kindergarten will attend classes in music, art, library, and computers once a week, while attending physical education class twice a week.


Each student will receive a report card at the end of each quarter. Parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled in November and again in March, but may be requested at any time.


Technology is used throughout the day in a wide variety of settings/subjects. The Elmo projector, along with the Eno board (like a Smartboard), as well as the I-pads are used to enhance the students’ learning.


Kindergarten students will be assigned homework as needed for practice and reinforcement. There is letter-week homework, math homework, language arts “at home practice”, and a variety of special occasion projects.

Parents Can Help By:

  • Showing an interest in school activities and homework.
  • Reading to your child daily.
  • Providing a quiet place and sufficient uninterrupted time to do school work.
  • Providing for proper rest, nutrition and exercise.
  • Staying in touch with the teacher and the school.

As partners in education at Our Lady of Peace Catholic School, God calls us as Parish, School, and Family to be the light of Christ to our students.
By nurturing their Faith, we provide a strong academic foundation anchored in Catholic Spirituality.

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