Faculty & Staff Directory

To contact a faculty or staff member, please call the School Office at 630-325-9220. Our Fax number is 630-325-1995.

To contact a member of our faculty or staff, please follow the following format for email:
first letter of first name + last name + @olopdarien.org

Example: The email address for John Doe would be jdoe@olopdarien.org.

Administration & Staff
Rev. Walter Dziordz
Mr. Anthony Wilkinson
Mrs. Eileen Gray
Mrs. Bridget Lilja
Kellie Moore

David Alfaro
Early Education
Mrs. Amy Corson
Mrs. Kate Albert
Mrs. Jane Kulik
Mrs. Maggie VanderLeest
Mrs. Luanne Flynn
Mrs. Barbara Pedicini
Mrs. Jeanne Mosquera
Mrs. Jennifer Baynes
Mrs. Lisa Miller
Mrs. Brooke Piasecke
Mrs. Felicia Krelwitz
Mr. Matthew King
Junior High
Mrs. MaryBeth Hicks
Mrs. Ellen Pakel
Mrs. Emily LaCivita
Miss Bernadette Senick
Mr. William Tanguay
Mrs. Catherine Didio
Computers & Technology
Mr. Edd Bockman
Fine Arts
Mrs. Connie McDavid
Mrs. Marlene Pagnucci
Foreign Language
Mr. Benjamin Graunke
Office Secretary
Office Secretary
Business Manager/
Parish Administrator
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher (3 year olds)
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher (4 year olds)
Pre-Kindergarten Aide
Pre-Kindergarten Aide
Kindergarten Teacher
1st Grade
2nd Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
8th Grade
Technology Director
Physical Education
Mrs. Lynn Larsen
Mr. Joe Reilly
Mrs. Kathleen Strieter
Physical Education
Athletic Director
Resource Teacher

As partners in education at Our Lady of Peace Catholic School, God calls us as Parish, School, and Family to be the light of Christ to our students.
By nurturing their Faith, we provide a strong academic foundation anchored in Catholic Spirituality.

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