Uniform Policy

Please remember that ALL pants, shirts, shorts, blouses and fleeces must be Dennis Uniform brand. Please refer to the Dennis Uniform order form for specific details.

Please note:

  • Infractions will result in a warning.
  • Upon multiple infractions, a detention will be given.
  • Please keep all receipts when purchasing school shoes.
  • If you have any questions regarding the Uniform Policy, please contact the School Office at 630-325-9220.

Pants & Shorts

  • Only Dennis Uniform brand.
  • Pants and shorts must have a belt.
  • Pants may be worn all year for all students (K-4: navy, 5-8: khaki).
  • Shorts may be worn during the months of August, September, April, May and June (K-4: navy, 5-8: khaki).


  • Natural hair colors.
  • Boys’ hair must be above the collar — ears and eyes must be showing.


  • NO make-up for K-6.

Nail Polish

  • NO acrylics.

Boys' Shirts

  • Only Dennis Uniform brand polos.
  • Tucked in pants or shorts.
  • White undershirts only.

Girls' Shirts

  • Only Dennis Uniform brand polos/blouses.
  • Tucked in skirts, skorts, shorts or pants.
  • White camisoles only.


  • No more than one inch above the knee.
  • Jumper must be worn in K-4.
  • Skirts and skorts are only permitted in Grades 5-8.


  • Grades K-4: Only Dennis Uniform blouse to be worn with jumper.


  • ONLY religious necklaces on metal chains.
  • NO bracelets or rings of any kind.
  • Watches are allowed.
  • Girls only: one set of small earrings, nothing hanging, NO multiple piercings.


  • Dennis fleece only.
  • NO other sweaters, fleeces, sweatshirts, or hooded sweatshirts may be worn of any kind during the school day.


  • K-4 girls: solid navy or white tights, knee highs or anklets (no patterns).
  • 5-8 girls: solid navy or white tights or knee highs (no patterns).
  • K-8 boys: white, khaki or navy crew style (cover ankle).
Shoe Policy

Only the styles displayed on the Uniform Policy Handbook and Posters are allowed. To receive a copy of the guidelines or if you have any questions, please call the School Office.

In general, OLP’s shoe policy guidelines are:

  • Completely closed
  • Heel: 1 inch or less
  • One solid color: brown, black, navy (except for saddle shoe)
  • One solid brown, black or navy patent leather acceptable
  • No colored soles, soles must match color of shoe (except for saddle shoes and topsiders)
  • No stripes
  • No fabric shoes
  • No metallic colors
  • No athletic-style shoes
  • No suede or brushed leather
  • No ballet flats or ballet style
  • No moccasins or moccasin-style shoes
  • No boots of any kind

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